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Concept example - Virtual City

The aim of the Virtual City Project is to make the city, hotel, or turist location popular with Internet-users by using the latest interactive 3D computer technologies. Carefully selected tourist attractions, transformed into an interactive virtual reality and accompanied by useful information, offer the user a possibility to explore the location in a unique way. Every visit to the virtual web page represents a new and interesting adventure.

Virtual City Concept

What? – It means that Virtual City's locations can be accessed at any time from any part of the world.

Why? – It is a new and unique way of accessing information via the Internet and 3D technology that offer the user (a tourist, a citizen, a businessman, etc.) changeable content of the commercial or entertaining nature.

How? – Virtual City is accessed via the personal computer and the City's web page, but after the installation of the required computer program. It could be distributed on CD (local newspapers), freely downloaded off the Internet, or given in the form of a gift to business partners or citizens (promo CD/DVD, or a USB stick with an autostarting application).

Where from? – You can access the City's web page via the Internet, at home, in your car, in the office, when on vacation.

Who for? – For tourists who would like to visit any city in the world without having to travel instantly. They can get an insight into what location has to offer – from hotels, restaurants, theaters to sports and recreational centers, Old Town, City transport, or anything else.

Virtual City is also for business people who have always wanted to advertise in the Main Square, but have never had the means or could not get the actual space there!

It is aimed at the media too, because in this way they can not only advertise, but use their own audio-visual material (TV and radio stations, for example), or pictures and text (publishing houses and alike). This leads to the coverage of various events (sporting events, concerts, film showings, daily news, links to various websites, for example, exhibitions in museums and galleries, etc.).

The project is also of use to the municipal authorities, who could channel all their vital city projects and present them there: openings of new schools, squares, various festivals, urban happenings, concerts, etc. Or they can simply use it to promote the City itself as a symbol of new era.

Last but not least, the Project is there for entrepreneurs, architects, and urban designers too, who can present their work in a new and original way, free of charge and at everyone's disposal – anytime, anywhere.

Unique Access to the presentation never seen before! Explore photo-realistic locations in the real time!

24-Hour Free 3D Internet Promotion of the Tourist Board and various projects being carried out in the location (e. g. subsidized residential construction plan: buyers can stroll around their apartments, furnish them in agreement with the sponsor and then buy the chosen pieces of furniture, visitors can check out the hotel room before booking… etc.)

Environment Interaction - true stories from the City’s streets, parks and squares – capture the real spirit of location

“Point and Click” - one-click access to the information about various sites (hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, museums, galleries, etc.) in the form of audio-visual content

Return of Invested Capital via sponsorships and advertisements that make the chosen sites authentic and the Project itself a payable business venture

Social Factor – users interact with the content by engaging themselves in communication with one another and by adding various fun elements; not only do they visit the web page more often but they use it for a longer time, which increases the profit coming from the advertisements and sponsorships, as well as the overall income

Real Time Simulation – simulation of events such as the changes in the weather, the parts of a day, the seasons in a year; real-time follow-up of events and manifestations on specific sites with recognizable features (e. g. holiday decorations, big-screen showings of football games, old trades’ fair, etc.)

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